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Charlestown, MA 02129  
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1. Q: What is the latest time I can rent the fuction room until?
A: The latest your function can go is 12 am.

2. Q: How does the bar service work and can I have open bar?
A: Service of a cash-bar and bartender are included in the cost of the hall. We have a few open bar options, please speak to the Function Coordinator or Business Manager for details.

3. Q: How do I go about booking a function room? Do you require a deposit? 
A: Check the calendar to see if the date you are interested in is available in the function room you wish to book. Contact the Function Coordinator via phone or e-mail to reserve the room. We require a deposit of half of the total cost of your rental (depending on the number of hours you have the room booked for). The other half will be one week before your function.

4. Q: Can I get in early to set up for my function? Is there an extra cost for that? 
A: Sure! Just let the Function Coordinator know what time you would like to come in and set up, there is no extra charge.

5. Q: Is the cost for a post-funeral meal the same as a regular function?
A: No. The cost for a post-funeral function is $125. Cash bar only.

6. Q: I am trying to buy table cloths for my function, what size are your tables?
A: The round guest tables are 5 foot rounds and the buffet/banquet tables are 6 feet long.

7. Q: Can I book the hall longer than the standard 4 hour rate?
A: Yes! The  Hall is $100 per hour after the 4 hours. 

8. Q: Can I request a specific type of alcohol for my event? 
A: Sure! If there is a specific kind of beer, wine or hard liquor you want at your party, please let the Function Coordinator know at least 2 weeks in advance.

9: Q: Can I bring in my own drinks? 
A: No. All beverages (including soda and juice) need to be bought through our bar.

10: Q: Can I use my own caterer?
A: Yes! The function coordinator has to be informed at time of deposit.

11. Are there any decoration restrictions?
  • You cannot move the stage.
  • You cannot move the flags. 
  • No food or cake tables on the rug. 
  • No open flames.
  • No liquids or beverages other than enclosed children's juice boxes. 
  • All beverages must be purchased from the cash bar.